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Common Myths About Frozen Fish

Are you one of the many people who avoids buying frozen fish? Many people refuse to buy any fish that isn’t sold fresh because they’re concerned that frozen fish isn’t as high in quality as fresh fish, but that simply isn’t true. Here, we’ll debunk several myths about frozen fish to show how frozen fish is just as good, if not sometimes better, than fresh fish!

Benefits of Frozen Fish

  • Freezing fish allows us to eat seasonal fish all year. Thanks to freezing technology we enjoy fish regardless of season at great prices – offering healthy nutrition for all the family.
  • Frozen fish is often fresher than ‘fresh’ fish. ‘Fresh’ fish can take a week to reach the shops!
  • Frozen fish and seafood can be 25% cheaper than fresh – great value for money! What’s more, its hugely extended shelf life offers year round price stability and product availability.
  • Eco scientists claim that buying frozen is good for the environment. Fresh exotic fish can be flown in daily from afar but frozen fish keeps for long periods in the freezer. This reduces your shopping trips and flights for seasonal deliveries.
  • Fish is recommended as part of nutritionally balanced diets. Freezing allows year-round availability of fish and stops microbiological activity; including pathogens which cause food poisoning – keeping the family healthy!
  • Fresh fish, which is caught and sold to a frozen packer will be frozen within a day of arriving with the processor thereby ensuring it is frozen at fresh market quality and ready for you to enjoy!


Orange Crab

Whole – R245 p/kg

Deep Sea Orange Crab, Whole or Portioned.
Nice for a seafood potjie or crab curry

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